About Me

Welcome to my daily life as a mother, wife, cook, gardener, runner, reader, world traveler, educator, and blogger.  I began my journey in a small, midwestern town with parents who were open-minded; loved local adventure, nature, sports, and most of all family.  I spent summers on the softball diamond and the school year running cross country, track and playing golf, all the while with my nose constantly in my books.  At a young age I developed a love for learning and that grew into a teaching career.  This passion of learning took me to attend college out of state in a large city and, eventually, around the world to England, Ireland, Italy, and Hawaii.  After all of this travel, and much adored city-living, my heart still belonged back home with my high school sweetheart, whom I married.  We settled just outside of my hometown and live on an acreage adjacent to our large family-owned century farm.  We raise turkeys, grow corn and soybeans and, of course, have started a little brood of our own kiddos.