Healthy Living

Are you a mama who would love to have the defined muscular body of your youth (not that we're old, just a little wiser)?  We all want to raise healthy kids and be role models for them in how we live and what we eat.  

This is a page to figure out the balance of life and healthy workouts along with tasteful healthy snacks and meals. As a high school athlete, I dreaded the daily workouts but I loved the high of feeling toned and healthy.  Join me in my journey to redefine life as a busy mom into a 'healthy' busy mom.  We can look at workouts for beginners into those that will get you through your first (maybe more) half-marathons while also having time for everyday life to happen. 

Any movement is better than just sitting on the couch! Get out there and walk, run, bike, hike, play tag with your kids, garden, throw the football around or teach your kids hop scotch and double-dutch. Embrace the energy of the moment with those you love and live a healthy life!